A Message From Greg Weldon:

I’d like to personally welcome you to weldononline.com, home of our benchmark global macro-market research product, Weldon LIVE, and our proprietary quantitative trend-identifying tool, the TrendTRAKR !!

First of all let me share with you that I produce EVERY single piece of research individually, every chart, every table, every data dissection, and offer my ‘live’ color commentary in each and every video. I spend the time so you won’t have to, digging deep into the FACTS, the numbers, the stats, to find the REAL story, connecting dots, slicing and dicing data, and performing comprehensive technical analysis, in order to provide in-depth, value-added perspective and the insights that are enhanced by my 31-years of experience in this industry.

I like to think that our research is a product that “pays for itself”, by providing specific trading advice and longer-term, macro-theme-driven portfolio recommendations (defined by  our Trade LAB, which is included within each Weldon LIVE channel/video subscription). A testament to that thought is our 18-years of producing independent research that is respected and utilized by a WIDE variety of market participants, from billion dollar hedge-fund portfolio managers, to independent brokers, other research providers, family offices, pension funds, CTAs, brokerage house wealth managers, currency traders, fixed income portfolio managers, bullion desks and brokers, banks, resource companies, and independent traders/investors.

Weldon LIVE offers in-depth, top-down fundamental analysis, and a bottom-up technical overlay, covering a diversified menu of global-capital markets, by offering seven ‘Channels” carrying my streaming video presentations. Our channels cover global Stock Indexes”, “Fixed-Income”, “Foreign Exchange”, “Precious/Industrial Metals”, “Energy”, “Agricultural Commodities”, three times a week, and our ever-popular “Global-Macro” Channel twice a week. And of course, each video comes with a pdf-version, printable copy of the presentation and charts.

Only interested in a specific Market Sector??? You can subscribe to a single a channel and view my market analysis as it applies to YOUR specific area of interest. Each channel is offered separately, at a lower price point, or you can bundle all of the channels and get a great ‘deal’.

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