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Greg Weldon on CNBC

   Weldon Financial produces independent research for the sophisticated investor and/or trader and offers investment management solutions that capitalize on global market trends. Greg Weldon is the founder and sole producer of all the research and operates his money management services as a registered Commodity Trading Advisor.

Weldon's Money Monitor offers a very independent, objective view of the global markets by applying a top down market analysis and a bottom up technical analysis. TradeLab accompanies the Money Monitor and offers actionable trade ideas tied to the market themes presented in our flagship, global macro publication. Greg also publishes The Metal Monitor with focus on the precious metals markets (prices of Gold, Silver, etc.) and our TrendTRAKR gives subscribers access to our proprietary Trend Momentum Indicators on a daily basis to help investors take advantage of ‘tradable trends’ in the US Equities markets.

The Global Macro-Discretionary Program manages money for individuals, joint, trust, corporate and partnership accounts. Mr. Weldon approaches his investment selections from a top-down macro-perspective and then applies his quantitative discipline from the bottom-up to execute his methodology, seeking to produce an absolute return while sharply focusing on risk management. This program invests in a diverse range of futures contracts across the commodity, currency, global stock index, and global fixed-income sectors. Weldon's Commodity Long-Short Program takes a more quantitative approach, using our proprietary Momentum Trading Indicators, and invests strictly in the strongest ‘bullish’ and ‘bearish’ commodities. And, our Metals-Only Program is also quantitatively driven and seeks to profit in bullish and bearish markets using a select basket of precious metals.

Weldon's research publications are explained in more detail in the Research section above including an invitation to sign up for a FREE TRIAL for thirty days.


Greg Weldon on FOX Business
Greg Weldon on
FOX Business

Greg Weldon on MoneyTalks radio with Michael Campbell
Greg on MoneyTalks radio
with Michael Campbell

Greg Weldon on The Daily Gold
Greg Weldon on
The Daily Gold

Greg Weldon on Financial Sense with Jim Puplava
Greg on Financial Sense
with Jim Puplava

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